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Meg Huskin (b. 1995)

Meg Huskin is a composer, vocalist and writer currently based in Chicago.

As a composer, her work frequently combines vocal melody, creative harmonies and her own lyrics to tell stories that blur the boundary between modern and traditional themes. In 2017, she completed the libretto for her first opera, Fayaway, which is currently being written. In 2016, her choral work They Tore Down the Church won UW-Madison’s Mullins Sacred Music Prize. Meg was invited to participate in the first New Amsterdam Records’ Composer’s Workshop, a seminar led by composer William Brittelle exploring the topic of post-genre music, as well as the inaugural LunART festival celebrating women in the arts with composer-in-residence Jenni Brandon. She has also participated in the Wintergreen Composer’s Retreat and the Music in Italy program in Florence.

Meg remains an active choral and operatic singer, and she takes a special interest in new and contemporary music, including jazz and musical theater. Upcoming projects include working with Petite Opera Company on their 2018 production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni and last year she participated in the Harrower Summer Opera Festival, playing “Sister Geraldine” in Poulenc’s Dialogue of the Carmelites. In 2017 she won first place in the NATS North Central Region Auditions.

As a teacher, Meg has worked with a wide expanse of students, from children as young as four years old to adult beginners. She likes helping students find ways to be creative and express themselves through music, either performing it or writing it.

Meg Huskin has worked in Madison, WI with University Opera and Theatre for Youth in various performing and directing roles. She graduated in 2017 with a degree in voice, music composition and English. Her column “Modern Match” will be published in Lyric Opera program books this season.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and currently works in the Marketing department of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. She has studied with New York-based composer Gilda Lyons, and she formerly studied voice with Mimmi Fulmer.

Past Events


  • August 8: North Star Music publishes “Modern Music for New Singers; Soprano Vol.2” including The Singer from Wisconsin
  • April 11: SongSLAM Chicago, premiere of We Went to Paris in Our Apartment (Chicago, IL)


  • July 15: NewMusicShelf publishes the “songSLAM songbook Vol.1” including Tikka Masala
  • March 7: Autism Advocacy Series Concert (Chicago, IL)
  • February 1: Autism Advocacy Series Concert, premiere of 3 commissioned works, including Maddie and Dakotah, Sunday Morning, and Three Poems by Nina


  • August 9: Madison New Music Festival (Madison, WI) premiere of eclectic
  • June 8: LunART Festival (Madison, WI) performance of Oblivion
  • April 14: SongSLAM Chicago, premiere of Tikka Masala
  • April 5-7: New Moon Opera‘s (Chicago, IL) performances of Il Campanello & Gianni Schicchi (Stage Manager)
  • March 2: Lyric Opera of Chicago publishes “Modern Match: Ariodante & Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” in program
  • February 16: Lyric Opera of Chicago publishes “Modern Match: La traviata & Princess Diana” in program
  • February 2: Lyric Opera of Chicago publishes “Modern Match: Elektra & Neftlix Dramas” in program


  • December 2: OLMC Concert Series (Chicago, IL) performances of Coyote, Oblivion, The Flea, and Table Manners
  • December 1: Lyric Opera of Chicago publishes “Modern Match: Cendrillon & Chance the Rapper” in program
  • November 17: Lyric Opera of Chicago publishes “Modern Match: Il trovatore & Harry Potter” in program
  • November 3-18: Petite Opera Productions (Park Ridge, IL) performances of Don Giovanni (Assistant Director and Chorus)
  • August 4: Scapi Magazine (Chicago, IL) 24-hour concert premiere of Coyote
  • June 30: LunART Festival (Madison, WI) premiere of Wheezie and Bear Save the Day

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