Modern Match: Elektra & Netflix Dramas

Spend enough time watching Netflix and, sooner enough, it starts to recommend content using what can only be described as mind-reading. Television shows featuring a strong female lead? Sign me up! Political/revenge dramas? I’m hooked! But to binge-watch something – to invest time and emotions in a story – it must have the greatest actors,Continue reading “Modern Match: Elektra & Netflix Dramas”

The 5 Books I’d Like To Share with my Daughter (if I had one)

The past twenty-plus years of reading have seen my tastes change from children’s literature to teen novels to dense assigned readings in college, and now, anything that captures my imagination. Even to this day, I can look back on books I read as a child and remember what it was like to read it forContinue reading “The 5 Books I’d Like To Share with my Daughter (if I had one)”